Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jimmy and Scouts

Tuesday night was pack meeting for cub scouts. Jimmy received his Bear award and a gold arrow point. He was supposed to have gotten two silver arrows and the World Conservation patch, but when they went to pick up the awards to give out, they found that all of the scout stores in the valley were out of silver arrows. In the attempt to find some, they forgot to get his conservation patch. Just means that he gets to spread getting awards over two months.

As is tradition, when the boys earn their rank award, they get to have their faces painted. In this first picture, Jimmy is waiting to get his face painted. As you can tell from the picture, he wasn't the only one. (A little side note, had I noticed that Jimmy chose to wear pants with a big hole in the knee, I would have made him go change. He does have pants without big holes.)
This next picture is of Jimmy after he had his face painted. He looks thrilled, doesn't he.
After the awards, the boys played a couple of games and seemed to have fun. Didn't take any pictures of the games though. So next month Jimmy will be getting more awards and then he'll be going into Webelos. Seems crazy that he's going to be in Webelos. Next thing I'll know, he'll be going into Boy Scouts. Crazy.

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Monica said...

I love the idea of paint the faces of the boys. That is a really fun thing to do for them. Tell him congratualtions for me please.