Friday, February 20, 2009

More Random Pictures

I decided I would post a few more pictures. Wanted to get a closer one of the new carpet. I laughed taking the picture. Didn't quite look the same shade in the picture as it did when I was sitting there. Looks pretty close to how it looks in the basement though. Dylan's room it looks more green, probably because of the green walls. A little side note here...did you know that it is very hard to find the little baby rings that go on my necklace in this new carpet? Well, it is. (I know this because Dylan got a death grip on my necklace and managed to break it. Not by the clasp, no. That would be too easy. Instead he broke it right in the middle. I had to pry two of the rings out of his hands.)
This next one is of my car with the Valentine's hearts. Since I mentioned it earlier, I thought I might as well throw in a picture of it.
And since we're now on the subject of Valentine's Day, I'm including a picture of the flowers Russ bought for me. I thought they were very pretty. And in case you're wondering, we celebrated Valentine's on the 13th because all of the kids (minus Dylan) were sleeping over at their grandparent's house with cousins. Since Dylan had been sick and we really don't want him to get sick again, we stayed in. Got takeout from Olive Garden and watched the episode of Psych that was on that night. I quite enjoyed eating the extra bread sticks we ordered with the alfredo dipping sauce for lunch the next day. Only way to eat the bread sticks (dang you for having us get the dipping sauce that first time, Bryce).
I couldn't decide on which other picture to throw in, so that's all I'm adding.

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