Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where oh where could it be?

I would have something I could post about today. Really. I would have pictures, even. Unfortunately, I can't find my camera. I saw it sitting on my kitchen counter. I decided that was a bad place for it and distinctly remember picking it up. What I did after that, however, I couldn't tell you. Did I go into my bedroom? The living room? Not a clue. I've looked in those places, by the way. No such luck in finding it. I really wanted to find it before now, too. Molly had a Christmas program with her preschool. I wanted to take pictures and maybe a little video. Ah, well.

Her program went well. They acted out a quick nativity scene (Molly was an angel) and then sang a couple of songs. Molly didn't do the actions. She was being shy. She did sing though. The kids then presented their parents with a wrapped gift. The gift was a framed picture of Molly (well, mine was of Molly..the others were of the other kids. Would have been a little strange if everyone got the picture of Molly) dressed up as a wise man with the saying "Wise men still seek him" printed on the picture. On Thursday they are going to a nursing home to put on their program.

Last night we had a Christmas party at my parent's. The kids enjoyed tie-dying t-shirts (as is evident by their wearing the shirts today). The food was good and we all had a good time. Again, no pictures. Ah, well. Hopefully I will find the camera by Friday for when Jimmy is in the school's talent show. Or else you may find another post telling about something without pictures that help to make it more interesting.

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carolyn q said...

Drats! I hope you find it soon. At least it wasn't your weddding ring. I misplaced mine this past spring when I took it off to bath the kids. I haven't been able to find it since. Scott said he would get me another one. . but it's not the same.
Just checking in and seeing how you are doing.