Sunday, December 14, 2008

Loosing teeth

This past week, Jimmy and Emma each lost a tooth. I actually wasn't going to post about it, but Russ wanted me to tell more about Emma's lost tooth. Just because it was kind of funny.

Emma's tooth has been really, really loose for a long time now. But when it comes to anything that could potentially cause pain or bleeding, she gets very anxious and wouldn't even let us come close to touching her tooth. Anyway, Jimmy lost his tooth one day and the next evening we were gathering for family prayer. Emma was making noise so Russ went to nudge her with his elbow to remind her to be quiet during the prayer. Only she moved just as he went to elbow her. Moved just right so his elbow hit her mouth. And not all that softly. She immediately began to cry, "My tooth!" with distress. His elbow apparently hit just the right spot that her tooth fell out. She ran into the bathroom to get some tissue. She had been distressed right at first, but came back in with a grin and was very happy that her tooth was out. Just seemed kind of funny to be saying yay for an elbow to the mouth.

Yeah, so not the best story in the world, but hey, it's a post.

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