Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Party

Every year we have a Christmas party with Russ' family on Christmas Eve. This year we opted to have it at a church just because the group is getting a little bigger and we would fit easier. When we got to the church, I realized that I had forgotten to bring our camera. That I had spent hours looking for before finally finding. Not to let those hours go wasted, I ran back home and grabbed the camera. So we were able to take a few pictures. And I'm posting some of them. Lucky you.

In this first one, Jimmy appears to be doing his best Michael Jackson impression (not that he actually knows who Michael Jackson is....). Okay, he was really just hamming it up for the camera and showing one of the gloves that he was given. His cousin, Sadie, is sitting next to him.
We have a program every year as part of the party, each family group taking some part of it. Dylan was swinging away happily in his swing while this was going on (part of the time sleeping). I looked back to check on him at one point and noticed his cousin Josh helping out nicely by giving him a bottle. It was cute.
Sara and her new husband Andrew played O Holy Night for us. (Anyway, I think that's what they played...I was gone for most of their part...taking Lys to the bathroom for one of the several times she had to go that night.)
Michelle read a Christmas story for the kids. I snapped this picture when most of them were actually paying attention. Okay, half of them.
Mike had us do progressive limericks and then read them for their part of the program. Some turned out amazingly well. Lovely pose here, doncha think?
Okay, I do have other pictures I could post, but I won't. Mostly because it was going slow and wasn't pulling up the thing to post more. So this is it. All in all it was a fun night.

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