Friday, December 19, 2008

Jimmy and the talent show

A quick update. It pays to bribe children to find things for you. I told the kids I would give a dollar to whoever could find the camera. Less than a minute later, the camera was found. Yay!

Anyway, today was the school talent show. Jimmy was very excited about it and that Russ took off so he could see him. When Jimmy came in and sat in his chair to wait for his turn, he told me he was so nervous he was shaking. Didn't really look nervous though. Here's a picture of Jimmy sitting in line.

The talent show started out with the school choir performing a few numbers. I was impressed with the choir. After the choir finished they did the individual performances. There are some talented kids at his school. Several played the piano, one played the harp, one did a magic show. Jimmy did storytelling. Read a story he had written. He did a really good job and had most of the audience laughing at his performance. I sat by a guy I had gone to high school with (played cards every day at lunch with a group of my friends) and after Jimmy finished, he leaned over and asked me who Jimmy has for a drama coach. I laughed and said he does it all himself; that he's very good at the drama.

Russ had the camera and filmed Jimmy's performance. Has a lot of background noise, so it's not the easiest to hear, but here it is:


Katie said...

That's pretty cool! Congratulations Jimmy!

Steve said...

Great job Jimmy!! You'll have to do that for our Family Christmas Program!!