Friday, December 5, 2008

Dylan's echo

Dylan had his echo today, as you are probably aware. This time the appointment went longer than the last time. Mostly because of the hour wait in between the echo and talking to the doctor. But that's okay.

Dylan was kind of cute during the echo. They had a tv in the room and it was set to Cartoon Network. Dylan stared at the tv for a little bit then turned so he could stare at the monitor and watched that screen for a little bit. Then he started to grab the cord for the echo tool that was being used. The lady doing the echo tried to get him to grab a different cord because he made it a little hard to move it. But he didn't want the other cord, he wanted the one right in front of him.

When I was finally able to talk to the cardiologist, he said that everything looks about the same. Still has a little bit of a leak, but nothing to worry about. He said that the conduit will eventually need to be replaced (to which I thought, "Well, duh, that's part of having truncus, it eventually needs to be replaced"), but hopefully will be later rather than sooner. He said Dylan looks good. I take him back in 2 months to get another echo just to check again. Kind of funny though. I will go back for Dylan's 6 month checkup and the next echo the same week, kind of like this week. All in all, Dylan is doing pretty well.


Jared and Lisa said...

Good to hear things are going well. We think about you alot.

Caden said...

That's awesome!!! I think all of these kids have leaks. Yay for 2 months! Hopefully next time it'll be 3! :)