Saturday, December 20, 2008


Sometimes I wonder why we have dogs. Today is one of those days. We had a nice morning going to the temple with Sara only to get back to my parent's house (who were tending the kids) to have a message there from a policeman calling to say they picked up our dog (they went off her rabies tag to find her owners and the vet still has my parent's address and phone number for her). I called him back and he told that she had been under the freeway when they caught her. I was amazed. Any time the dog has gotten out, she's gone down the street and back and that's it. The freeway is a lot further than she's ever wandered. He said he didn't know how I was going to get a hold of Animal Control then decided to find out for me. He told me the Animal Control officer was going to call me right then. So he called and I gave him our address then loaded up the kids and we headed home to meet him.

We had good timing, at least. We had just pulled in the driveway when he pulled up to the house. He was very nice, at least. He told me that she had actually gotten on the freeway. Went up the off-ramp then circled around to the on-ramp and came down that. They caught her near a Winger's restaurant. I thought she would sleep the rest of the day. She was limping a little and looked tired. But she has gotten up a couple of times since getting back home. Guess I need to find something stronger to tie the gate shut. Or not let her in the back yard when we lock her out of the house and just lock her in the garage. Ah, well. Guess it could have been worse.


gsd4de said...

Geez. You know it is only because you are having to break down and make the decision to put her to sleep that she didn't get hit and killed. If you actually wanted to keep her around for more years (assuming she was younger, healthier, and not um..peeing all over) she would have died. But since she is getting to that point of having to euthanize her she lucked out. And you still get to make that guilt-ridden decision some day. You lucky gal, you. :)

Jared and Lisa said...

Oh wow, you do get all the fun stuff sometimes. I do worry about when we make long all day trips and keep Miko outside. I'm worried she'll figure out that it isn't that difficult to bump the back gate for her to get out. Ever since the previous owner had run a back hoe into the garage, the fence is no longer bolted to the garage. Maybe I shouldn't talk about it anymore I don't want to tag team this one. Good luck.

Jimmy said...

Hey, how do you change the background on your blog?