Monday, December 29, 2008


As usual, Santa ended up bringing a little bit more than he needed to for Christmas. The kids had a blast though. They didn't get as much this year as they had in other years (but who did?), but you wouldn't know it by the total destruction they left in the wake of their opening presents. Jimmy had Emma and Molly up around 7, but took them in the basement to watch tv until others were awake. Finally around 8, Emma couldn't stand it anymore and woke up Lyssa. They all seemed very happy with the things they got.

Dylan here is wearing an outfit he got for Christmas. The rest of the pictures are the kids with what I think was their favorite present. Jimmy was thrilled with his Nintendo DS. Really the only thing he asked for.

Later that day, we drove down to my parents. We had already given them their gifts and vice versa because of the big storm predicted for that day, but it wasn't coming in as early as they had said (at least not for our end...the very South end of the valley woke up to a foot of, none at all), so we decided to drive down and try to beat the storm. Which we did with no problem since the storm didn't really come until a few hours after we got back home. We had previously had a Christmas party with them and two of my sisters and their families. Unfortunately, that was during the time that I couldn't find my camera. Had fun with it though. Kids made little tie die t-shirts (with fabric markers). Anyway, I hope everyone had as enjoyable of a holiday as we had.

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