Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dylan's 4 month appointment

I took Dylan in for his 4 month checkup today (as well as for his second synagis shot). He's doing well. He now weighs an even 14 pounds. He really didn't like the shots and wasn't thrilled when the doctor was examining him. During the exam, Dylan leaned over and grabbed my hand and had a look on his face like, "Help!" But he did give the doctor a nice big smile when it was done. Then came the shots. Ah, well. He's about the 60th percentile for height and around the 30th for weight. I take him tomorrow for his next echo. I'll be sure to post about it after.

Since I had a bit of time after his appointment before I needed to get Molly from preschool, I decided I would make a quick run to Costco. Ended up not happening though. As I was driving there, a guy honked at me (my first thought was, "What did I do?!") and then yelled to me that my tire was quite flat. So I changed directions and headed over to the tire place. Turned out that the tire had a lovely gouge in it and couldn't be fixed so I needed a new tire. Really not something I planned for today. I just wonder why cars decide to talk to each other and have things happen around the same time. Russ' car is dead. It probably could get fixed, but would cost a lot and we've already put a lot into his car this year so think it's time to replace it. Ah, well.


Katie said...

Has your car been talking to our car? It seems they have plotted against us and decided to all die at the same time. Our van is dying - but it's a good excuse to get a new car!

Meg&CC said...

We have a guy who charges $300-$400over what he pays at the auction. If he doesn't have what you want on his lot he will get it for you the next time he goes to the auction so he can get whatever kind of car you want. He has a website under a search for Dave Co. Auto, in case you are interested.

Caden said...

That stinks about the cars... always hapens like that-and around the holidays to boot! Glad to hear that Dylan's doing well. I'll be checking for an update on the echo.

Thinking of you,