Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Ramblings

As the last moments of 2008 wind down, I have been thinking a little bit about all that has happened this past year. Not too much thinking, just a little. In the few moments of boredom tonight. Mostly I've thought that this past year has gone by way too quickly. Surely 2008 just began and hasn't come to a close. Surely. Granted, there were things that seemed to take forever and I looked forward to ending (namely the elections), but for the most part, it went by quickly.

The biggest thing for us this year has been Dylan's birth and subsequent surgery. Can't say that I'm sad that part went by quickly. I'm quite glad that part is behind us. We're very glad that we have him. To tell the truth, this is the main thing I think of when I think of the past year. We've had other things, both good and bad, but this is the thing that stands out the most. (The other things include a wedding, family moving away, family moving near, passing of an uncle and a neighbor, and the birth of a new niece. I could probably list more, but I won't.)

I can't even begin to know what this coming year will bring, but I hope that it will be a year full of good things for everyone.

And just because I want to make this post a little more interesting, here are a couple of pictures. The first is Jimmy eating an Oreo from our snacks for New Year's.

The girls were having fun blowing the horn things much sooner than was time. They have since ruined the horns, so if any are still awake come midnight, they won't have them to blow. Maybe that's a good thing.
I look at this one of Dylan and think, "Look, Ma! I'm getting hair!"

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Molly said...

So fun to catch up with people through Facebook and blogging. You have a beautiful family! Happy New Year!