Friday, October 31, 2008

Dylan's Cardiologist/echo Appointment

Dylan had a follow-up cardiologist appointment with an echo cardiogram today. Well, the echo wasn't originally scheduled and they called me earlier this week adding on the echo. I wasn't at Primary's as long as I thought I would be, which was nice. Dylan didn't like getting his chest x-ray at all, but was all smiles during the echo. He even didn't really seem to mind the part they said would be the part of it he wouldn't like. Everyone commented on how cute he was in his pumpkin costume. :)

Unfortunately, the echo showed that his conduit (the new vein) is leaking. Dr. Menon said mild to moderate leak. There isn't a need to do anything about it at this point, but they will need to watch it closely. I take him back in a little over a month for another echo to check it again. I was hoping it would be a bit longer before we really had to worry about him again. Ah, well.


Caden said...

I'm glad that he did well through the echo! We have to entertain Caden throughout the entire thing, and sometimes he still hates it. About the findings... it's possible that it's not as bad as they think it is. Did he have any leakage directly after surgery? Most of them do, from what I've gathered, and they say that as they grow, things become "snugger" helping out with the leakiness. Just a thought. I hope the next echo shows improvement. Keep us posted. Do you have a date yet for the appointment?


Jared and Lisa said...

Sorry it wasn't as possitive as you'd have liked. Hope things go well, and Dylan continues to be the happy strong baby he's shown he is. It's so easy to stress over these guys. And there worth it, but you know that. It's still nice when you hear, he's doing great, no need for close follow up, see you in a year! That will come up eventually. Hang in there.

Cindy said...

I take him in on the 5th of December. I don't believe he had any leaking after his surgery. Wasn't totally surprised that they said that. Watching the echo (even though I really have very little clue on what I'm looking at), I could tell it wasn't quite looking like it optimally should. I actually almost expected it to be worse.