Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heart cake

Tomorrow we are having Dylan blessed. Just because I felt like it (even though I think it's a little cheesy), I made a cake for some of the dessert for the food after. I have two heart shaped cake pans and decided to use them to make a double layer cake and then decorate it like it had been broken and repaired with bandaids. Here are two pictures of the cake. I think I probably should have left off the bottom bandaid, but that's okay. Either that or make the line for the broken heart longer. I wanted to make the frosting for the heart a darker red instead of pink, but I ran out of my red food coloring. It works as it is though. You can tell I frosted it on the board in the bottom picture. I'm not the neatest froster. Ah, well. (As I was typing this, Jimmy finally understood why I had it with the heart broken and then fixed. "Oh, it's like Dylan. His heart needed to be fixed!" I thought he figured out why when I first said how I was going to decorate it.)


Stacey said...

The cake looks good. Was everyone impressed? How did the blessing go? Yes, we were a bit sad we couldn't be there for it.

Cindy said...

Didn't get a lot of comments on the cake, actually. The blessing was nice. Russ would tell you the blessing was "lame," but he enjoyed the food after. :)