Monday, October 13, 2008

Russ haircut and play

As most of you know, Russ let me cut his hair after the play was over. When he started to grow it out, he told me he wanted to grow it out so he could donate hair to Locks of Love. He said there was a contractor who would come into his work and would do that every few years. I think he really decided he wanted to do it about the time we learned about little Mason in our ward with leukemia. The following are kind of before and after pictures. Russ was all ready for me to start and then said he wanted me to take the pictures. I have three pictures. One before, one right after I cut off the many ponytails I put his hair into for donating and then one after I finished up cutting it. I was good, though. I didn't tease him right after by looking at him with a disappointed expression and ask if we could put it all back. :)

I haven't really checked the quality of this video I took with my camera (really need a camcorder one of these days), but this is a scene with Jimmy and Russ in it. I did have kids around me bumping me and a baby in my lap, so it isn't the steadiest picture.....The play turned out really well though. Russ and Jimmy were both glad they did it. And somewhat glad that it's over now.


Stacey said...

The haircut looks great. And looks like the play was good, too.

Jamie said... are gorgeous!! and the play was wonderful. Very talented cast.

Caden said...

Wow, he looks completely different! Way to go, donating hair like that!