Monday, October 13, 2008

Kids and cameras

I need to hide my camera when I'm not using it. If my kids find the camera, they will take a ton of pictures. Lys found the camera today. She and Molly had fun taking many, many pictures of the floor or toys or the tv. They did take a couple of pictures that were amazingly good for a 3 and 5 year old. These first two were taken by Lys. I only slightly cropped the picture she took of Dylan. The one she took of Molly and the one Molly took of Lys are unedited.

This next picture I took of Dylan in his bouncer chair. He loves his bouncer chair and will grin and grin at the toys and music on it. At first I thought the music would drive me absolutely nuts but after seeing how he smiles at it, I don't find it quite so annoying (except for when the songs get stuck in my head for hours on end). The next is a video I took with the camera of Dylan in the chair.

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