Thursday, October 9, 2008

On with the show!

Tonight Russ and Jimmy have their final practice of the Savior of the World play that they are in. They perform it tomorrow and Saturday nights at 6:30. I must admit, I'm kind of looking forward to it being over with. The last few practices they've had have lasted a long time (usually getting home after 10:00 at night). Just sometimes easier with Russ home at night in getting the kids to bed. Take last night for example. I let the girls stay up a little later than usual. And then they didn't want to go to bed when I told them to. They went to their room okay. But decided to talk and play and things of the like instead of getting in bed. Okay, Emma got in bed like she was told, but snuck a toy up with her to play with. They do this a lot, but last night it was harder. Dylan was cranky. He would settle down for a little bit then start crying again. So add to that three (but mostly two) girls who decided to ignore me even with rantings and ravings and telling them they couldn't have their bedtime snack and drink until they were in bed and quiet (so they didn't get their bedtime snack and drink) and it gets a little on the stressful side. I've always done my best cleaning when frustrated though, so sometimes it's a good thing. :)

Anyway, the play is a free play so anyone who wants to go to see it is welcome. It will be held in the Davis High Auditorium. Should be good. Let's just hope that Russ remembers his two lines.

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