Monday, October 27, 2008

Dylan's Blessing

Yesterday we had Dylan's blessing. Thanks to all who could make it. I think it turned out nice. And especially thanks to Dave and Michelle for letting us have the food afterward at their house. That was really nice of you to offer.

I didn't take many pictures, and I'm not really sure why. I did get a few, though. This first one I took while Dylan was asleep in my arms. Not the easiest task. Should have had someone else take the picture, but that's okay. I wanted to get at least one with him in his blessing outfit. That he was almost too big for. If we had waited any longer to bless him, I'm sure he wouldn't have fit. The hat that came with it didn't fit as it was.

This is a picture of two of my nieces with Dylan. Mariah (the younger one) wanted to hold Dylan so Kady (the older one) helped her. He was just starting to get upset when I took this picture.
This is my aunt Evelyn and my niece Kelly after their small food fight that was somewhat accidentally started but not so accidentally finished. (They hope you weren't too upset with them, Michelle. I told them it was fine since they did clean up the mess.)
Rebecca (yet another niece).
Dave (bro-in-law) and Jimmy

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