Tuesday, November 6, 2007

TV Shows (a rambling rant)

After enjoying the three shows I watched last night (Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman), I thought about the reports of certain shows being considered for cancellation. Journeyman is one of those. When it premiered, Scott Pierce of the Deseret Morning News wrote that Journeyman was confusing. I have never found it to be confusing. It has elements that remind me of Quantum Leap, which, in my opinion, is a good thing.

I started to think of other shows that I have enjoyed watching that didn't last long. Two of those are Jack & Bobby and Studio 60. I still kind of miss the shows, but at least they both ended in a way that gave closure to the shows. (Although I do find it funny that Russ noticed that Rob Lowe's character on Brothers & Sisters is the same as Bobby's in Jack & Bobby-Robert McCallister-where I didn't. And he didn't really watch the show with me. From what I understand, the names being the same is intentional.)

Of course, with the current writer's strike, my worry about the shows I like is probably a wasted worry. If it continues, we won't have new episodes of almost any show (excluding the "reality" shows). Wonder if that will mean there's hope for the shows I like that are close to being cancelled. Somehow, I doubt it.

Feel free to comment about shows you like or have liked. (If you've tried to comment before but weren't able to because of the member issue, I got rid of the not being able to post unless you're a member on my blog.)

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Jared & Lisa Quan said...

The show that I loved but they cancelled at the end of season three with no resolution was "The Agency", I still think that the cast of that show and the story was awsome. However it was never given a serious time slot always on way too late. I love Chuck and Heros, but I have never got into Journeyman