Friday, November 9, 2007


Jimmy and Emma brought home their report cards for the first term of school. Both are doing well. Jimmy has almost all 4's (Graded on a 0-4 Standards Rating system, 4 being the best). He got one 2.75 in Vocabulary and a 3 in Phonics, two 3.5's (Writing and Data Analysis), but the rest are 4's. Last year his 2.75 was in handwriting for the first term. This time he got a 4, so that's a big improvement. His overall grade for language arts is 3.75.

Emma has mostly 4's for the alphabet and some sight words. She does have a couple of 1's with parts of the alphabet (like the sound for q...she has gotten it before so I'm not concerned, but should review the letters with her a little more. Plus looking at some that she got a 1 on, she told me just this morning the sound it makes). Not surprising, she got a 2 for speaking under communication (the 2 stands for beginning) and for participation. I would have been surprised had she gotten any higher on those. She has a few 3's scattered in there, but mostly has 4's as well. Guess I should mention that for the standards part of her report card, she got three 2's (two of which I mentoined, the other is assignments...she tends to bring home a lot of unfinished work). Other than that, she has mostly 4's, with the bulk of her 3's coming under the language section, which (again) doesn't surprise me at all. She is a very quiet child, after all. But good to know she does at least a little. With both Emma and Jimmy, I'm sure I will find out more on how they are doing at the SEP Conferences next week.

Jimmy has already started to ask if we can go to Krispy Kreme though. They give one free donut for each 4 (or A on actual letter grades), up to 6 if the kids bring in their report cards. And they let them pick out which kind of donut they get. Jimmy says he wants all jelly filled donuts. Emma will probably want at least one chocolate sprinkled donut. May break down and take them over there one of these days. Just don't feel like doing it when Russ isn't home to go over with me....although they do have fun watching the donuts being made.

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