Saturday, November 17, 2007

Movie Date Night

Last night Russ and I got a babytender for the kids (Elise from next door) and then walked over to the Kaysville theater (dollar theater that is kind of nice to have close) and saw the movie "Stardust." Since our babytender had plans earlier, and since she didn't mind, we went to the late showing of it. We got the kids ready for bed and told her she could let them stay up until 9 since they were all excited that she was going to come over and watch them for us. Lys had actually fallen asleep on my bed before she got there, but woke up when Russ tried to move her. So she was wide awake. In a way I was glad she woke up. I pictured her waking up while we were gone and not being happy about it.

Anyway, I liked the movie. It was predictable, but I thought it was cute. There were a few things I thought while watching the movie. 1. Michelle Pfeiffer is gorgeous. 2. At one point after Russ had leaned over to me to tell me he liked one of the prince's hair (yes, it was longer), and after the main character's hair gets longer (if you've seen the trailers, it does show this) I thought that his hair looked somewhat similar to Russ'. Only his didn't flip out like Russ'. Not sure Russ found that thought as funny as I did. 3. I don't think I would mind owning this movie when it comes out on dvd. And 4. The title always gets Nat King Cole's song of the same title stuck in my head. But then, it doesn't take much to get songs stuck in my head.

It was nice to get home and find all of the kids asleep. Elise told us they went to bed pretty easily. Except Molly gave her a little bit of trouble, which didn't surprise me. Molly is the one that always has a harder time going to sleep. This morning they all said they had fun with her. Well, Jimmy said he didn't. He wanted to stay up later.

That's pretty much the extent of our movie date night. I would recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. If you have, well, then I don't need to recommend you see it, now do I?

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