Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jimmy and school

We got a letter today from the school district about Jimmy. Said that he received high scores on the State of Utah End of Level Tests in math "and/or" reading. And because of this, they are inviting him to apply for the Davis District Full-Time Spectrum for the next school year (it is an accelerated academic program). The letter states that those who apply will be assessed in February (basically they take a test at one point during the month) and will be accepted depending on the results and the available openings.

I think it's neat that he has done so well. Guess Russ and I need to decide if we want to apply for the program for him. He would have to go to a different school for the program, which doesn't make him very happy. He'd rather stay where he is and with the friends he has. I would have to drive him to and from school every day and that would make for an interesting year with Emma still going to Columbia. Wonder what she would think of having her brother go to a different school. Of course, there is the chance that he wouldn't be accepted.

They are having a Parent Information Night in a few weeks about it. Might be a good thing to go to.


Stacey said...

Yeah, you should check it out. And wouldn't hurt to apply, even if he got accepted, you could still choose to keep him at Columbia. Pretty cool that he's so smart though. And maybe he'd get a better education with the accelerated program. De may have some good advice about it, too. :)

Katie said...

I have a bunch of activity day girls who are in the spectrum program
(they have to go to Centerville Elem. instead of Reading). They really like it because the classes are a bit smaller and they basically just do work a year ahead (they are in 4th grade so they actually do 5th grade work). They do all say though, that the downside is that they don't get to be with all their friends in their neighborhood/primary. There is 3 or 4 of them that go together in the same grade so I think that helps them adjust. Sounds like a great opportunity! I would definitely apply - you don't have to accept it if you decide not to put him in.