Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Emma update

Emma's teacher hasn't ever sent home any stickers like she said she would do (she told Jimmy she's keeping a chart of the stickers at school), but Emma is starting to do better at doing her work. Today when I picked her up, she cheerfully said, "Check my backpack!" I looked through her backpack and all of the work that was in there was completed. Usually she has 2 or 3 pages that she hasn't done at all. She was excited because she actually did all of her work today. On Monday everything she brought home was finished, so this is the second time she's done all of her work.

Here's a picture of her putting a marble in her jar. The next picture is just because I thought it was a funny one of Lys. Still haven't gotten the film developed from Emma's party. That will come. Eventually.

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