Saturday, November 24, 2007

Party joys?

Emma's party just ended. The last party-goer is still here (I think-next door neighbor and they're just playing so it's okay), but I would imagine will be leaving shortly. Can I just say that I'm glad it's over? The party went fine, but leading up to the party, well, that's another story.

The mishaps (not quite the right word, but I'm sticking with it) began last night. After getting the kids to bed, I took the opportunity to decorate the cake while Russ went down and painted the figures to go on it. It started out well enough. But in the middle of making my frosting, my Kitchenaid mixer died on me. Just would not turn at all. So I had to finish making the frosting with my hand mixer, which really didn't go that well. The frosting was a little thin but adding more powdered sugar didn't seem to help much. But it was thick enough to use. Just tried sliding down the sides a little bit. Although I will say I think the cake turned out well despite this.

It was after I finished decorating the cake and thought that I would take a picture of it before the figures were put on that I realized that the camera was nowhere to be found. I did a quick search in the likely places and couldn't find it but thought it wasn't a problem, I could find it in the morning. Then morning came.

No luck in finding the camera. Searched everywhere I could think of. Even searched through the car. No luck. Unfortunately, I remember doing something with it. I found it by the computer the other day after Jimmy used it (keep telling him he's not allowed and putting it up, but he still doesn't listen). I deleted the video and pictures he took (why on earth would I want a picture of a stuffed animal SpongeBob?) and seem to remember taking it with me when I left the room. Everything after that point is a complete and total blank. So I ran to the store and bought a disposable one. Which is why there are no pictures at the moment. Need to take it somewhere and get it developed. Made record time running to the store, however.

The time for the party to start was fast approaching. I decided I would start to make some balloon animals to put out on the railing and mailbox like I usually do. Bought a new pump for the balloons when I bought the stuff for her party. Mostly because I didn't feel like searching for the pump when I knew the kids had played with it. Unfortunately, the pump wasn't worth half of what I paid for it. Thing wouldn't blow up a single balloon. And then the top broke off. Luckily, I had a general idea where the old pump was and after some searching, found it. By then some of the kids had arrived, so I wasn't able to do the decorating thing like I planned.

From that point, the party went generally fine. One boy was afraid of Xena so didn't want to play the games. We put her outside and he was a little happier, but still just wanted to watch. He did eventually join in with the pinata though. He also said he didn't want any cake because he didn't like pink (I frosted the cake white but had pink bones lining the bottom and little pink pawprints across top and a few bigger ones on the sides). He did eat some though. Even had the pink ice cream.

At this point, I can hear Jimmy still yelling at Russ. Russ came running in here a minute ago with Jimmy chasing him, crying. Russ told me that Jimmy was painting one of his sister's fingernails so he took a picture of it. Jimmy is not happy about it at all. As you could tell if you were here and listening to the way Jimmy is still going on about it. And on...and on...and on....

Can I go back to bed now?

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