Monday, November 5, 2007


Decided it's Molly's turn for a post about her. Molly loves to sing. Makes up songs all the time. One time I took her to the bathroom during church and she sang, "I love you, Mommy..." I thought it was funny. One time she even made up a song about a dinosaur. She likes to sing "Love is Spoken" a lot and will ask me to sing it with her. (Of course, I much prefer that to her deciding to play on the organ and say, "Sing the song I'm playing!")She is good at drawing for her age. One time she drew a horse hoof on the porch with sidewalk chalk and I told her it was better than I could have drawn (for some reason the hoof is hard for me....). Now if I could only get her to remember to only draw on paper and not the walls or herself..

Yesterday she was excited to let Xena back in the house and went running to let her in. She fell when she got to the stairwell and hit her chin hard on the tile floor there. At first I was afraid she had split her chin open for the third time. She didn't, but it still looked very sore. Her whole chin was swollen and where it wasn't bright purple and bruised, it was red. This is a picture showing the bruise this morning. I took one yesterday when it was still red but Jimmy somehow managed to delete it from the camera. (Really need to get him to leave the camera alone.) Today it doesn't look quite as sore as it did yesterday, but you still get an idea of how bad it looked (even though it looks worse in person).


Jamie said...

What a cute picture of her Cindy. and yes, it does look worse in person.

Jared & Lisa Quan said...

I'm glad there wasn't any more damage than that. But very cute picture. Lindsay has a tendency to sing about random things, but half the time she just sings random words.