Monday, July 30, 2007

Trip to Idaho

We got back last night from our quick trip to Idaho. It was a nice trip. A lot of traffic coming back, but not too bad. I wanted to try to leave Saturday morning by 8:00 to head up there so we would have a little more time to spend with Stacey and wouldn't seem like we drove up and then turned right around to come back home. I was somewhat amazed when we left about 8:15. I think it helped knowing that Mom would be riding up with us since Dad isn't feeling well. I had most of the stuff packed up Friday night so we didn't have a lot to do in the morning. Russ seemed to find things to do easily enough though.

We got into Nampa just before 2:00. They had a big water slide up that was similar to the one Sandi has. Only at the end of the slide they added a slip n' slide type of thing so that they could slide even further. Jimmy and Russ went down it a few times. Looked like they were having a lot of fun on it. One of Bryce's brothers went so far as to slide clear to the fence and hit the fence with his head. Jimmy slid down a little rough at one point and pulled a muscle in his neck. Which he complained about all the rest of that day and the next. Hasn't complained about it today, so I think it must be better.

Russ and the kids and I stayed with Stacey. It was kind of fun to have the kids look at both of us for a little bit because they would get us mixed up. Jimmy liked saying that we looked alike. At one point he was saying he couldn't tell us apart so Ben said, "Mom!" to see which of us would look at him so he would know which was his mom. Chris would want me to pick him up and would be happy with me until he would see Stacey and realize that I wasn't his mom.

The food we had before church was good. The watermelon Stacey picked out was especially good. We sat around and picked at it before everyone got there. After we all ate (I ate way too much), we headed over to Stacey's ward. I would like to say the blessing was nice, but I missed most of it. Molly decided she needed to go to the bathroom and kept telling me that, and Lyssa took off because when she wouldn't get out of his way so he could go up, Russ said, "Are you coming with me? Let me go by then." So she decided she wanted to go with him and took off. Feel kind of silly when you have to chase a child in the middle of a blessing. On the bright side, most people had their eyes closed so they didn't notice. Daniel looked very cute in his blessing outfit. Emma and Jimmy kept wanting to hold him.

I just wish my camera hadn't ran out of batteries and that I could find more. So I wasn't able to take any pictures up there. Ah, well.

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Mike said...

Well, I talked to Jimmy tonight and he said his neck was still sore... Sorry Cindy, he is still complaining about it. Hehe