Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just some ramblings

I told myself that it would be kind of fun to try to write three new posts a week. What I failed to realize when I thought that is that I have no life. So I really don't have much to write about. I could vent about Russ' work, but don't know that he really wants me to, so I will leave it up to him to do. If he ever decides to add to the blog, anyway. Guess if you want to know why I would vent about it (assuming you don't already know), ask him. I would say that Russ did talk to a different tile store about the possibility of employment, but you might become concerned or come away with the wrong idea.

Jimmy had cub scout day camp yesterday. Met at the church at the bright and early. He was nervous because he heard they would get to go canoeing. He said he didn't want to go in a canoe. After he got home, I asked him if he got in the canoe. He said he did. And really enjoyed it. In fact, he will still tell me things about his day camp. Things like how he got to shoot an arrow and a bb gun. He only has two things left to earn his Wolf patch. He's about halfway through one of the those, too.

As I said, I have no life. So unless something somewhat interesting happens, don't really expect to see another post this week.

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Green Family said...

Three times a week!!! That's awfully ambitious. Plus, it makes us other bloggers look pretty bad:( But good on ya if you can do it!