Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend fun

We had some fun this past weekend. Friday night, Russ took Jimmy, Emma and Molly and went camping with John Droge and his daughter. They camped somewhere up above the "B" in Bountiful. They had a lot of fun. Jimmy likes to tell the story that John's daughter, Addy, was using the little porta-potty he brought when a deer came into view. Addy stood up and yelled, "Look! A goat!" then chased after it, pants down around her ankles. I stayed home with Alyssa. Russ did give me the option of going, only because he didn't want me to say that he never invites me. But the thought of camping somewhere with no running water or toilets didn't sound like fun. Especially when I have hard contact lenses. Here are a few pictures Russ took while they were camping.

Saturday afternoon, we went to our friend Sandi Robinson's house and played with her big inflatable water slide and small pool. Lyssa is one who hates water. Screams and tries to get out the entire time we are giving her a bath. I was surprised that she loved the pool and loved the slide. I asked her if she wanted to go down the slide and she said, "Uh huh." After going down the slide, I thought she would be unhappy, but she didn't seem to be. So I asked if she wanted to go down again. "Uh huh." She went down a few more times. Jimmy went down the most. Emma and Molly didn't want to have anything to do with the slide, so when Russ made them slide down it, they were done. Didn't want to even play in the pool anymore. Luckily, he waited until we were about done and getting ready to eat to do that. Since her house is directly across the street from Hogan's Park (I think that's what it's called...the one in Woods Cross on the corner of 15th So. and 800 W.), we went over there to eat and then the kids played for a little bit on the playground. All in all, we had fun. (So thanks again for inviting us, Sandi!) Here are a few pictures from the swimming.

Yeah, ignore me in the picture. You can kind of see that Lyssa actually looks happy as we are going down though.
Sandi and most of the kids are taking a break for a quick drink of kool-aid.

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Stacey said...

That's pretty funny about the deer. And the party sounded fun. Why wasn't I invited?