Friday, July 27, 2007

Ahhhhh...the dentist

Russ and I took the kids to the dentist today. Yes, all four at the same time. Crazy, I know. But that's actually why I asked Russ oh-so-nicely if he could possibly take the day off and come along with me when I took them. The thought of taking all four by myself didn't really sound like a good idea. Mostly because I remembered the last time with just Jimmy and Emma. Emma wouldn't let them take the x-rays at all last time. They ended up having to do that when we took her in later for a sedated appointment and got what she needed done then.

Today's appointment went relatively well. It was really nice to have Russ there with me. I think I would have been a little stressed had he not been. But as it was, it was relatively calm. Emma let them take some x-rays. Decided no more when they tried to get the second side. She didn't like the thing they have you bite on. So with Molly, they didn't even try the sides. I think they should have. She probably would have been fine. Lys, of course, they looked at and said, "Let's just do the exam."

Molly and Jimmy were wonderful. No complainings, no getting upset at all. Jimmy only has one cavity! I was surprised there. I kind of thought he would have more. Molly needs a bit of work and so will sometime go back and have a sedated appointment to get that done.

Emma and Lys weren't quite as good. Lys clung to me and cried when they wanted to do the cleaning. So we skipped that part. Emma got in the chair and then decided that they were going to hurt her doing the cleaning and wouldn't have a thing to do with it. So they skipped her cleaning, too. Then came the exam. With Emma on my lap and me holding her hands d0wn, the assistant held onto her head while the dentist looked in her mouth. Very fast because she was not happy at all. The dentist said looking she couldn't see anything that concerned her, so she's done. No other appointments. Lys has very bad front teeth (which was one of the main reasons I made the kids the appointments). She also sat on my lap but was very calm and let them examine her without complaint. Made me almost suggest they try to clean her teeth then. She will also need a sedated appointment to fix those.

The fun part came while I was making the appointments and Russ was taking the kids out to the car. The receptionist said she would call the insurance to talk about coverage because it showed that they didn't cover fillings for baby teeth, but would cover caps for baby teeth. In her calling, she discovered that they had no record of Molly or Alyssa on the insurance. I decided to wait on making their appointments until we can get that figured out. Going to be expensive enough with insurance. Really don't want to do it without.

Now that the dentist is out of the way, we can concentrate on getting ready to drive up to the Boise area this weekend. We would consider heading up today instead of tomorrow morning, but Russ has a lunch meeting at 1:00 with a guy from Daltile, his work's biggest competetor. Wonder how that is going to go. Guess I'll have that to write about in a future post.

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