Monday, July 9, 2007

Since I had a quiet moment, I decided to join the ranks of the bloggers. And right now, I literally mean quiet. Alyssa is asleep, Emma and Molly are playing at a friends, and Jimmy is outside playing with a friend. The dog is sleeping by my feet, so she's not barking at various things outside. Not often that it gets this quiet at my house.

About a month ago, I was released from my calling as a Sunbeam teacher. They called me up one Saturday and told me they were going to be releasing me the next day. Came as a total surprise to me. I told Molly that I wasn't going to be her teacher for Primary anymore and she said, "That's okay, you still get to be my mom." I thought it was sweet. Anyway, I had been without a calling in our ward until yesterday morning. Saturday one of the bishopric called up and asked if I could have Russ give him a call when he got a chance. Found out later that he wanted to talk to Russ about giving me a calling. Russ thought it was funny that he would talk to him about it, and not me. Anyway, he told Russ to have me pray about the calling and he would stop by in the morning before church. So about 8:30, he stopped by to officially extend to me the calling of an assistant leader for the Webelos. Just so you know, if you pray about a calling, it kind of makes it hard to say no, even if you'd really like to. But I've been a den leader before, and compared to before, this shouldn't be bad. Before I was the only den leader for both the Bears and the Wolves. Wasn't really fun.

There are two other leaders for the Webelos. One is my next door neighbor. The other is a member of our ward who doesn't really speak English. She is from Brazil. She can understand a lot of English though, and does a good job despite the language barrier. Too bad knowing a chorus of a song in Portugese won't help me with conversations. Makes me almost wish I had taken Spanish in high school and college instead of German.

So there you have it. My first post as a blogger. Not much to speak of, actually. And, unfortunately, I can't guarantee that they will get any better.


Mike said...

Congratulations. You are officially a geek like us... Just kidding. I will have your blog address on my favorites soon.

Katie said...

Like "us"??? Are you calling us bloggers all geeks? Nowhere on Blogspot does it say you have to be a geek to post.

Congratulations Cindy - you definitely need some pictures though!!! Can't wait!

Green Family said...

Challene is an Assistant Webelos leader too! Although, she is forced to be the leader most of the time.

Anyhoo, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Not to be confused with the wonderful world of logging. That's a different thing altogether.

bird said...

I enjoyed your blog Cindy. I enjoyed Weblos more than the other cub scout callings. The boys are older and can do more. Mama

bird said...

How did I get bird? Michael, help.

Linda said...

Yeah Cindy!!! Now I have more websites to look at!! I do have to agree with Katie and say you need more pictures of the kids!!! And you guys too!! Congrats!!!