Saturday, July 21, 2007

If only I could remember....

Yesterday I had thought that I actually had something to write about to keep up with the three times a week thing. Do you think I can remember what it was today? Of course not. All I actually remember is thinking that I could wait until today to write it. Really should learn that if I think of something to say to say it then. I've done the same thing with talking online with my family. The night before I will think, "Oh, tomorrow I can tell them this..." and then don't have a clue come morning what that thing was. I usually end up remembering what it was eventually, so I'm writing this with the hope that it will come to me.

Russ will be getting sustained for a new calling tomorrow. Which he almost forgot to tell me about. We were getting ready to go to sleep Wednesday night and he said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you something." He said at mutual Brother Carlson (the bishopric member over the young men and scouts) asked him if he could talk to him for a minute. He said he was really tempted to say, "No!" and run. He didn't do that though. He will be the new Young Men Secretary. I said, "So you get to go to the presidency meetings, huh?" He said, "I do? If I'd have known that, I'd have said no." I asked him if he will still be the assistant scoutmaster and such but he didn't know. Guess I will find out tomorrow. See if they actually release him from the other callings.

Looks like more people voted that Hagrid would be the one who dies in Harry Potter. Followed closely by Harry. Ron, Hermione, and "Other" tied. In case you are wondering, the person who voted other thinks it will be Neville. I am probably going to run out in the next few minutes and buy the book. Probably by tomorrow I will know if anyone was right. But I don't think I will post which characters (J.K. Rowling has said two die) die. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I will say that I heard a rumor that we will find out that one of the characters has actually been a ghost all along. Of course, there are a million rumors out there.

It appears that I'm not going to remember what I thought of saying. Unless it's one of the things I mentioned and just don't realize it yet. In any case, here's another picture or two. But first I feel I should wish Linda a happy birthday today! Hope you have a great day!
This is when Jimmy received his Bobcat with cub scouts. They painted his face as part of the award.

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