Monday, June 29, 2009


I mentioned earlier with my pictures from Lagoon that it was the start of a busy week. Essentially it was. The day after going to Lagoon, I went to the zoo with Stacey and De. Well, sort of. I saw Stacey for a little while and saw De for about 2 minutes. Something about my girls needing to go to the bathroom and others trying to find everyone else...ah well. For the most part the kids had a good time at the zoo. They were mad that I didn't let them ride on the carousel and were hungry and seemed to think that I wasn't going to give them lunch (I was, just planned on waiting until we left the zoo to get lunch. Figured it would be cheaper.)

The kids always love the lion head drinking fountains. Here they are watching Lyssa get a drink from one.

This was the area the cougars were in. Every other time I've been there, the cougars are sleeping. This time one was actually wandering around a bit. If you look close, you can kind of see it in the space above Jimmy and Emma.
The kids were looking in a cage for a monkey. It had been way over on the other side and saw them and came over to look at them as well. I laughed and told them that it knew other monkeys when it saw them.
Here they're looking through the lower area glass at the rhinos. They stared at them longer than I thought they would.
Posing by the giant elephant statue thing. Makes noise. They had fun with that.
Jimmy holding Dylan while we waited for our turn to pose by the elephant statue.
Two of Stacey's boys, Alex and Chris, playing under the elephant.
Stacey's boys getting ready to pose for a picture for her. Ben looks kind of bored to me.
Dylan was happy to be pushed around in the stroller. He liked looking at the animals, especially the marmosets.

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Monica said...

What a fun trip to the zoo. I like the monkey comment though, really funny.