Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lys and Cake

Last night we had cake and ice cream for Lyssa's birthday. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo, so I got her a Finding Nemo cake. Got it from the new Dick's Market by me because I love their frosting. Only the frosting didn't quite taste the same to me. Still was good though. (Yes, I realize I'm rambling a little.)

Lys was very excited to have people come over and have the cake and ice cream with her. Kept asking when her "birthday" was (birthday here means party). Having misplaced the camera (yet again), I only had my phone with which to take pictures. So here are a couple. The first is of Lys with her cake.
Picture of just the cake.
Tried to get a good picture of Jimmy feeding Dylan some ice cream. Unfortunately, Dylan saw me and decided he wanted me more than the ice cream, so I couldn't get a good one. And it's not really focused, but thought I'd throw it in anyway.

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Monica said...

What a cute cake! Who should up for the "birhtday?" I also think that you should be pretty happy that one of your kids would pick you over ice cream. I mean isn't ice cream like one of th ultimate things for a kid?