Thursday, June 25, 2009

Start of a Busy Week

This week has been a busy one so far. Steph has been visiting this month and will go back to Georgia in July. This past weekend Brian came out for a few days. Di and her family came up on Sunday (and left today). Stacey also came down on Sunday. This was the first time in a few years that all of my siblings have been together. And the first time in even longer that it hasn't been because of a funeral. Hopefully De will email me pictures that we took Monday soon.

Sunday we had dinner with my family since Brian and Di were there. Stacey didn't arrive until later and Susan was driving up from bringing Madi and Josie home from staying with their grandparents in St. George. It was a good dinner. Besides being Father's Day, it was Michael's birthday. Yes, there was cake. Yes, it was good too.

We decided that Monday would be a good day to head to Lagoon. The kids were all very excited to go and had a good time. Lys even went on Rattlesnake Rapids with me three times, despite getting totally soaked each time. I don't think any of the kids wanted to leave when we did, but all of the adults were very ready to leave.

I realized as I arrived at Lagoon that I had left my camera sitting on the counter. Luckily my phone has a camera so I was able to get at least a couple of pictures. Didn't take one of the family together (minus Kady and Kelly who were at a soccer camp) with my phone because De said she would email me one. Still waiting on that.

Jimmy lately thinks he needs to pull a goofy face for any picture. Which is what he is obviously doing here. This was taken just before we went in to Lagoon. Dylan didn't stay in that stroller long. Stacey pushed it because she used to carry the carseat with Abby and he wasn't happy to have someone else pushing him. After that he was pretty good about other people pushing him or doing things with him. Surprisingly.

This was Molly, Lys, Emma and Jimmy on the Puff ride. They loved that one. Went on it over and over again.
Emma on the merry-go-round.
Lys and Molly on the merry-go-round.
Emma and Jimmy on the airplane ride.
Obviously isn't a picture from Lagoon. Actually from a week or so earlier. This is Dylan with his cousin, Savannah. She will turn 1 early next month.
All in all, Monday was a fun day. I eventually dried out from the wet rides. Kids kept falling down. (Just so you know, flip flops aren't the best to wear to an amusement park, but I would recommend sandals of some sort if you go on the wet rides.) Didn't have sunscreen, but amazingly only got a little red.

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