Monday, June 29, 2009

Honest. This is The Last One. For Today Anyway.

If you've read my post from Saturday, you know that it was the day that IHH was having its Summer Picnic. We had fun there. It was nice to see other families with children with a chd. It was held at Primary Children's 3rd floor outdoor pavilion. I learned there that two others in the group went to high school with me. Small world.

They had snow cones for everyone (besides pizza, salads and dessert) and some activities for the kids. Even had a magic show for them. The kids all seemed to really enjoy that one. The guy who did it was very entertaining for them. The group is having a campout in August. I'm looking forward to going to that as well.

Here's Russ holding Dylan as we waited for the food to be ready.

Molly and Emma enjoying their snow cones. And the flowers. Kind of surprised they didn't try to pick any.
Jimmy enjoying his second snow cone.
Lyssa with hers and Russ.
Just for the heck of it, I took this picture showing some of the desserts. If you look close, you can see how each dessert was given a number for the contest. They had prizes for the contest. My cake won "Best Overall." I got 4 passes to Cherry Hill and a bucket with outdoor type of toys for the kids. They were thrilled. So was I.

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