Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This picture was taken 11 years ago today. Looking outside, the weather was nicer then. Well, depending on your definition of nicer. For a wedding, it was nicer. Let's leave it at that.

I was thinking about my memories of that day. Those who know me know that I really don't like to be the center of attention. I'm much happier sitting on the sidelines. And I'm not real fond of getting my picture taken (which is one reason why I take most of the pictures...can't be in the picture if you're the one taking it). If I see a camera pointed toward me, my immediate response is to duck and run. I've gotten better. I don't usually act on that instinct. Much. That day I realized it was all part of a wedding and it didn't bother me as much as I would have thought. Sure, I felt downright silly at times, but that's okay.

But my main memory of that day is the feeling of rushing from one place to another. We were married early in the afternoon and after pictures didn't have much time to get to the wedding luncheon. Which was made more interesting by a misunderstanding and someone leaving with Russ' suit so he couldn't change out of his tux before leaving the temple. He did change quickly once we got there.

From the luncheon, we rushed off to the reception center for more pictures. Then didn't have any time after pictures before the reception started. So it was a busy day.

Thinking back on everything over the past 11 years and all that has happened, I look forward to the next 11 and wonder what they will bring. And yes, Russ, I'm still glad you said, "Well?"

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