Monday, June 29, 2009

Okay, Last One, I Swear...Maybe Not...

Di's oldest, Cole, decided that he would stay with my parents an extra week. Since his dad is currently working in Spanish Fork Canyon, he could stay and just go back home with his dad when he's off for the 4th. Shortly after Di left, Susan and I took Cole and the kids bowling. Nice thing is that during the summer the kids get to bowl for free. They had fun. I was on one lane with my girls and Sue, Cole, Josie, and Jimmy were on another. The girls took long enough that the others were able to bowl two games in about the time it took us to bowl one. I bowled better this time than when I went with Jimmy. I didn't gutter 6 balls in a row. Even guttered one that still managed to knock down a pin. That was nice.

The bowling alley had a little ramp thing the girls could use to push their balls down. Made it easy for me. I didn't have to help them much at all. With that and the bumpers, they did decent bowling. Emma even got two spares.

Speaking of Emma, I think she's the one who took this picture. I purposely left off the lovely butt shot one of them got of me. Yeah, you really don't want to see that one.
Susan (playing with her iphone), Josie and Cole waiting while Jimmy took his turn bowling.
Lyssa cracked me up how she was holding onto the wall as she watched the bowling. Molly was about to climb up on the ball return thing to wait for hers to be returned.
Jimmy watching his ball and Molly about to push hers down the ramp thing.

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