Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alyssa is 4!

Today is Lyssa's birthday. Which means that the "Happy Birthday" song from Blue's Clues is stuck in my head. Mostly because I made the mistake of singing it to her. (Which made her very happy, by the way. She told me I should sing that when I pick up the cake. Yes, I decided to order a cake instead of make one this time. Just felt lazy.)

Lys is very excited that it is her birthday. Gleefully told Emma and Molly last night at bedtime that in the morning it would be her birthday and she would be 4. Don't know that I was very happy about Molly trying to wake her up this morning by telling her it was her birthday, but it was still kind of funny.

Thought I would throw in some pictures of Lys since it's her birthday.

If the date in the corner of this picture is correct, Lys was about a month and a half old in this picture. I thought it was cute how Molly is giving her a kiss.

I took this picture when Lys was 100 days old.
Um, not totally sure on her age here. Probably around 9 months.
Here she is a little while ago at the park. Yes, I know, goofy expression on her face. But that's okay.


Monica said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!! I don't know the Blue's Clues birthday song so your mom can just sing it to you again for me. ;)

Kem said...

Happy Happy Alyssa Dear!!! I so can't believe that she is already 4! It seems like maybe she could be turning 3 but no way 4.

Living Green said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!