Monday, June 29, 2009

Various Family Stuff

Going along with the aforementioned busy week, we did spend some time hanging out to let the kids play and just relax. Let's just say that the noise level was pretty high with all the kids at times. The pictures almost say more of what the kids were doing than I could alone, so I'll just go with them and perhaps a little explanation for them.

This is Isabel playing outside. She's Lyssa's age.

This is where I could find Jimmy, Seth and Garrett when they weren't "ghost hunting." Cracks me up that leaning over Seth is about the same height as Jimmy. They are a month apart in age. Seth is just really tall.
Pretty much the same as above.
Brianna got her hair cut and thought she was beautiful. Took a picture to show her new haircut. Lyssa had to pose next to her. The girls really had a lot of fun playing together and were sad when they went back to Arizona.
Seth really liked Dylan. Here he's helping him walk. He was very happy to help him walk. Not so sure Dylan was though.

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