Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mindless Rambling

Sometimes I really wonder where my mind has gone. For a little while now, I have not been able to find my camera (as mentioned earlier). Could not even begin to think of where it might be. I even started to wonder if the girls got a hold of the camera and took it out with them to jump on the trampoline and left it out there. In the snow. Being somewhat lazy, I didn't ever go out to look though. Which turned out to be fine.

Last night was Enrichment meeting (for which I made some Texas Sheet Cake and was a little sad when Jimmy and his friends ate most of the leftovers today). The little reminder note about it said to bring your purse. I tend to use my diaper bag as a purse, but actually have a purse thanks to Mom buying one and deciding it wasn't big enough for her. I even use it occasionally. (Actually, my diaper bag came into my possession in much the same way. Mom bought herself a nice purse only to get home and discover that it was in reality a diaper bag. I had been using a big tote bag as a diaper bag so she gave it to me.) When I pulled out my purse to go to the meeting last night, I discovered that the camera was in the purse. At which point I remembered how it got there.

Once a month some good friends of mine try to get everyone together for a girl's night out. This tends to be the last Friday of the month, as was the case in February. I decided that night to throw the camera in my purse in case I wanted to take a few pictures. And there the camera stayed. As soon as it was in there, it was out of my mind. Obviously. But, hey! Something good came out of it. When I got the camera out I started to play around with it. I discovered features on the camera that I hadn't known were there before. Like it has a feature that it will automatically take a picture when the subject smiles. I don't quite think Russ appreciated my playing around with the camera though. Mostly because some of my playing involved using him as my test subject (granted, I used Dylan more). Just so you know, Russ didn't smile for me to try out the smile feature. But if you look at pictures of Russ, you will discover that it's the rare picture in which he is actually smiling.

So now that I've found my camera again (assuming I don't put it somewhere and once again totally space where I put it), I may be playing around with pictures more. Which means I may soon have more pictures to post. Woo hoo. (In case you are wondering, I do sometimes wonder why I actually post some of these things....)


Monica said...

I love it when you post about these kinds of things happening because I tend to do the same thing. What kind of camera is it that you have? It sounds like a really nice one since it is smart enough to take a picture only when a person is smiling. Also what is a Texas Sheet Cake?

Cindy said...

My camera is a little Olympus camera. It's not one of the really nice ones, but has more features than I realized. Texas Sheet Cake is also known as Macadocious cake. It's a brownie-like cake. Really easy to make and high in calories, so of course, really good. :)

Monica said...

I would love to have the recipe for that if you don't mind sharing. It sounds really good!