Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feeding the Ducks...take 2

Not long after we got home from church, Dave and Michelle called us up and invited us to go feed the ducks with them at the Layton Park. Being a much nicer day than it was on Friday, we decided it would be a fun thing to do. And it was.

Unfortunately, the ducks and the geese didn't seem terribly interested in the bread that was being thrown at them. The seagulls, on the other hand, were practically fighting over the bread. Something would startle the seagulls and they would all fly off. At which point the ducks would seem slightly more interested in the bread, but it wouldn't be long before the seagulls came back.

Just like Friday, I brought the camera. You can tell in this first picture, at least, how the seagulls greatly outnumber the ducks. I think there is one duck in that picture. Somewhere.
The hard part about taking pictures of kids feeding ducks is when the kids keep moving closer to you as you are trying to take a picture. As is the case in this picture of Molly. I only had so far I could back away and finally just took it. Again, note that all you can really see are seagulls.
This was Dylan while the duck feeding was going on.
Lys turned and started to run toward me just as I was about to take the picture. She had been standing closer to Emma. Ah, well.
Just for fun, I thought I'd throw in a picture of these two seagulls.
And this black swan that we saw as we wandered around. The kids followed it as it swam toward the larger part of the pond. And no, it didn't really want any bread. In case you were wondering.
This was Emma riding on Russ' shoulders as we were getting ready to leave the park.

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Monica said...

That is amazing that you actually saw a black swan. I also love the new family picture that you have up too.