Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner

Last night Russ and I went to the cub scout Blue and Gold banquet (thanks for watching the girls for us, Linda!). Jimmy was getting his World Conservation award and some silver arrow points. Of course, I couldn't find the camera. Russ took a picture with his phone, but then, it's on his phone and not mine so I can't put it on this. Maybe he will later. Doubtful though.

Anyway, the night was fun. Generally speaking. When they announced that it was time to eat, the boys all went running toward the tables to get their food. Big ol' herd of boys running as fast as they could. Jimmy was nearly first when he got tripped up in this large herd and went down. Hard. He wanted to go home at that point. His knee hurt. We told him he should at least sit there and eat food first.

Since we took Dylan with us, I figured Dylan would be able to cheer Jimmy up so let him hold him. Only Dylan is getting fast with his hands. Grabbed Jimmy's cup of water and had it dumped in Jimmy's lap before we could stop him. Jimmy really wanted to go home at that point. Still, we talked him into eating. He had fun after that.

He ended up getting 7 silver arrow points. I had no idea he was getting that many. The cubmaster asked him to say what he did to earn his conservation patch. He said, "Well, I was really close to getting it so my mom got out my book and we just did it." It was funny, but might be one of those you had to be there for; especially to hear the way he said it.

Strange to think that at the next pack meeting, Jimmy will be in Webelos. He's just growing up too fast. As Jimmy would ask me, where's the shortening to keep them small?

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Kem said...

What a fun night. I could hardly contain my joy. No it was fun and my boys also had a blast.