Friday, March 13, 2009

A few more pictures....

Ever since finding my camera (again) the other day, I've been playing around with it and taking a few pictures. I thought I would post a few. Just because. Not that you can tell that I was using different settings with my camera. I actually think I used the same setting for about all of the pictures I'm posting.

I also had a little fun playing with my picture editing program. At least with one picture of Dylan. I mostly just changed it to black and white and played around a little with the sharpness features. Below it is the same picture in color. I did crop it slightly for the black and white version. I just think it's a very cute picture of Dylan.

This picture was obviously taken after she pulled out the things I had in her hair. And I have no idea why she has that expression. But yes, she was wanting to eat those Oreos she has.
Emma wouldn't let go of the balloon and I thought it looked better with the balloon in the picture than the one I took that just had the string in front of her face. :)
I told Molly I wanted to take her picture. She posed like this. I think she must have been thinking, "Oh, get it over with."
Yes, Jimmy thought he was very funny posing with the balloon weight on his head.

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