Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

I went this morning with a few from my ward to go feed the ducks at the nearby ponds. It was colder than it looked. The girls had fun though. Dylan, not so much. He has a bad case of diaper rash that is basically a result of the antibiotics he's on for his ear infection. So he thought I should hold him and he was tired and got pretty unhappy with me at the end. Luckily, it was on the way home that he got that unhappy and not from the start.

These first two pictures are when we were about to head over to the ponds. Dylan wasn't crying like it looks. He was yawning. The rest are at the ponds with the ducks.

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Meg&CC said...

Have you ever heard of taking acidopholis while taking antibiotics to prevent/fix diaper rash? It is sold at health food stores in the fridge. It comes in liquid or pills. When the antibiotics kill your good bacteria also, it is very common to get an infection like that. Acidopholis is highly concentrated good bacteria. This is also good for yeast infections on girls of any age or anytime you have a strange skin issue (because the intestines and skin are linked and an imbalance of good/bad bacteria in the intestines shows up as a skin issue). Because of this stuff, Rebecca never had diaper rash for more than 12 hours. Just a little FYI.