Monday, March 30, 2009

School report cards

Emma came home with her report card on Friday. I thought about posting about it then, but since Jimmy had stayed home from school that day and wasn't able to bring his home, I thought I would wait until he had his too. And he came home with his today.

Jimmy's report card was good. He had mostly 4's with some 3's. His grade in math is much better than it was the previous two terms. I still wonder if the previous two were typos since the scores he showed on his work he brought home were all decent scores. But it's still nice to see that they've improved.

Emma's report card was also good. This time she came home with mostly 4's and the occasional 2.75. I think the lower score for those is due to her tendency to not finish her work. But we're working on that. As we have since kindergarten. :)

Anyway, I'm glad to know that they are doing well. Jimmy's teacher has been back to work just a short while after missing a lot. SEP Conferences had been cancelled for her class because she was gone. When they were cancelled, they said they would make them up when she came back. A note came home with Jimmy that read that his teacher will be at the school a few days this week for anyone who wanted to drop by. Just have to decide which day I'll drop by.

On a totally different subject, I got another thing in the mail today about the Dick's Market opening in Layton. This time it listed dates for a grand opening and the address. The grand opening starts on the 1st. Looking at the address, it isn't all that far from me (actually, looking at the address, it seems as though Dan's is becoming the Dick's). They have sort of doorbuster prizes every morning for the first 200 guests for the week of their grand opening. Not that there's any way that I would make it over there that early. But I think I will have to make sure their bakery is just as good as the other two...


Kem said...

Dallin did the same thing with math and I asked there math teacher about it first term and that was a typo but it is so nice to see that he has improved, because he always did well on the papers he brought home but his report card never showed it until now.

meg said...

Mmmmm....Dick's bakery. I have a hankerin' for an eclair right now. Mmmm, mmm!