Friday, March 27, 2009

County Report/Fair

Yesterday Jimmy's school had the county fair for his grade. Jimmy had Garfield County (which I think he picked because he likes the Garfield comic strip). His poster and diorama didn't turn out too shabby for being done mostly the night before (and a little the morning of). What can I say? He's from a long line of procrastinators. Can't really see it very well, but his diorama is of some cliffs that surround the Colorado River, which is one of the boundaries for Garfield County. There was even a little boat with a person on the river.

The kids in the classes put on a little program before people could go see their displays for the counties. They sang a few songs and such. Jimmy was happy to see both of his grandmothers and his Grandpa Green and his aunt Linda come to see it. Although seemed happiest to see Dylan there. :)

And just so you know, Jimmy saw this picture and said it's a weird picture. I told him they both were and he laughed and walked away. :)


Kem said...

So glad thats over and just so you know we did dals the night before as well. yea us!!!!

Monica said...

For being done the night before it looks pretty good. Any time I ever did that it would always turn out pretty bad. I'm glad that it was fun and that so many of your family members were able to make it too.