Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family pictures

I was going to include these pictures with the other post (that I am actually writing after this one, but this one will be under the other one, so this one is second. In its own way), but my computer decided to be dumb and I decided at that point that two posts would be better than one.

While we were at the park feeding the ducks (well, more seagulls than ducks), we snapped a few family pictures just for fun. The little tiny thumbnail pictures that show up when trying to add photos to posts were hard to see, so these might not be the best of the ones that we took. But they give you a general idea how things went at any rate.

Rebecca really wanted to hold Dylan for a picture, so that's what this first one is. At least she looks like she's having a good time. :)
Jimmy actually took this picture of Rebecca, Michelle and Dave. Not bad for a nearly 10 year old.
Lys was posing here.
As was Jimmy. He wanted individual ones of each of them, but Emma and Molly didn't cooperate with his idea.
Our kids.
These next two are of all of us. No, I have no idea why Russ decided to pull a face in this first one.
Okay, looking at this one, I really don't think it was the best one that I have from this pose. But I really don't feel like trying to figure out which one was, so you're stuck with seeing this one.

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