Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today's update on Dylan

Dylan is still doing really well. One doctor (actually a Fellow...someone who has completed the stuff for the MD, but is specializing...can't remember her name for the life of me) told me today that they are all really pleased with how well he's doing and that he's "awesome." They have started to wean him off of some of the medications they've had him on and started weaning him from the ventilator. They hope to be able to remove some, if not all 3 of his chest tubes tomorrow and will most likely take him off the ventilator on Monday. There is a slight chance he'll be taken off the ventilator tomorrow, but probably will be Monday.

He does have the feeding tube now. They put that in last night right after they closed his chest. They are only giving him a small amount to start out with (1 cc per hour) and will probably slowly add more as they give him less of the iv nutrition.

When he's awake he will stare and stare at me. Still haven't held him since the surgery. The nurse today said I could hold him if I wanted, but most likely it would cause him some pain because of the chest tubes. He cried when she moved him a little to shift his position. I decided that as much as I wanted to hold him, I didn't want to hurt him even more, so I didn't. Really did want to hold him though.


Stacey said...

It's great to hear that he's doing so well! Hope he keeps it up and does even better. :)

Mike said...

I was able to take Sadie and Maddy to see Dylan today. He looked really good. I will be glad to see all those tubes go. I can't wait for him to be held.

Jared & Lisa said...

Congratulations on Dylan's triumphs, it's alot for one little guy to go through. Hope he can make it home as soon as possible!