Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cardiothoratic follow-up

Dylan had his follow-up this morning. It went well. He didn't like getting the chest x-ray or ekg at all, but both looked really good. We will be able to stop his diuretic medication on Saturday, which will be nice. Since we were bad and never did put the feeding tube back in after Jimmy accidentally pulled it out, the nurse asked me when it came out. I told her how he's been taking all of his feedings by bottle so we just haven't put it back in and she said that's fine. I'm taking that as saying we don't have to put it back in, and so is Russ. So now we take him back in 8 weeks for another follow-up (the appointment is on Halloween), but that's about it. They did recommend that I take him to his pediatrician next week or the week after again, just because he did have major surgery. He's gaining weight and growing and is generally doing really well. He now weighs 7 pounds, 15 oz and is a little over 21 inches.


Likes Chocolate said...

What a cutie! Sorry Dylan had to join our group of CHD babies. We will keep in our prayers. Glad he is doing so well. Romans family

Caden said...

That's great! I knew that feeding tube wouldn't be in for long! :)