Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adjusting to home...

It has been nice having Dylan home. He even basically slept through the night last night. Unfortunately, I didn't. I kept expecting him to wake soon to eat and so I was waking up every few minutes. I broke down around 4:00 this morning and gave him food through his feeding tube instead of letting him try the bottle first because I was really tired and didn't want to keep waking up if he wasn't going to. He did wake up then. Mostly because Russ accidentally pulled out the feeding tube and so we had to put it back in. Yes, I made Russ do it since he was the one who pulled it out. I don't think he thought I was very nice. :)

Dylan is actually doing better with drinking from the bottle. He usually drinks almost all of it. He's supposed to have 54 ml every 3 hours and often drinks between 40 and 50 ml. One of his nurses had told me that the most they could get him to take by bottle was 10 ml.

The kids are all excited that he's home. Lyssa likes to try to help change his diapers or give him his bottle. Which usually ends up with her just handing the things to me to do. The first morning after he came home I asked Emma to keep an eye on him while I took a shower and let me know if he woke up or anything. Jimmy went in the room to help her keep an eye on him. She asked me if Jimmy could go back downstairs. Guess she didn't want his help.

Must have been some of the influence of reading De's most recent post, but I glanced at myself in the mirror and immediately thought that I don't look old enough to have 5 kids. My first impression was that I look 14. Ah, well. I probably look closer to my actual age to other people. They probably just think I'm insane for having 5 kids. :)


Jared & Lisa said...

Good to hear things are going well. You're funny. Helps to stay possitive and you do have the perfect disposition for what you're going through!

Caden said...

It sounds like things are really going great! He should be off of the feeding tube in no time! Is he on a higher calorie formula? Like 24 or 26 kcal? If he's not, you should see about adding a calorie booster. That should curb the need for that extra 15 ml or so, and get rid of the tube. I hope things just keep getting better and better!