Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some more pictures...

Just thought I'd add a few more pictures of Dylan. He's still doing well. They took out one of his chest tubes this morning. Which he really, really didn't like them doing, but should feel better with it gone. The nurse said he's one of the strongest newborns she's ever worked with. Fights her when she goes to shift him. Just doesn't want to be moved, I guess.

Here's Dylan the day before his surgery. Sleeping away nicely, actually.
These next two pictures are of Dylan the day after surgery. Hard to tell from the pictures, but he sure was staring at me. The big white thing is the padding they kept over his chest while it was open. Really will be nice to have him off the ventilator. Probably tonight or tomorrow.


Caden said...

He sure does look amazing! I remember Caden actually hooked his toe on one of his chest tubes and yanked it out himself! Ouch! As soon as they extubate him, and take out the chest tubes, he will be much more comfortable, and it will be a lot easier to hold him. It's akward with all the tubes, but it's soooo worth it! He looks like he's on the fast track to recovery!


Green Family said...

Will and I are so glad that all went well with the surgery. Dylan is such a cutie, we can't wait to see him in person. Just a couple more months. Challene